Be Spellbound was formed from Sandra’s love of jewellery and scents. When Paul and Wanda decided to relocate, it was the perfect opportunity to combine their unique jewellery with Sandra’s bespoke soaps and lotions.

We offer a range of gorgeous sterling silver, semi-precious stone jewellery; lovingly handcrafted by Paul and Wanda Designs in Cape Town. Make every day an occasion with a stunning, signature piece that captures the creative spirit of Africa.

Where it Began

Paul and Wanda have been designing and handcrafting jewellery in Cape Town for almost 20 years. Their passion for their craft and eye-catching designs have made them a must-see destination on the local craft market circuit.

Sandra’s passion for scent is evident in her creative handmade soaps. Batches are not duplicated and only vegetable oil is used. Ingredients, colour and scent depend on the mood of the alchemist on the day. The combination of soap and semi-precious stones make for magical gifts that enchant the senses.

Be Spellbound offers a range of stunning jewellery pieces, including Paul and Wanda’s signature collection of one-of-a-kind designs; all of which artfully blend sterling silver with semi-precious stones. From agates and amethysts, to smoky topaz and rare South African sugilite; you’re sure to find something that’ll spark conversation. Prices range from just R100 to R10 000, and if you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us. We always have a few surprises tucked away.